Decisions, decisions, decisions!

What to do now that there are so many envelope choices? We’ve just added a whole slew of new envelope options so you’re beyond covered from print…to person! Choose from envelopes in assorted sizes and styles, including Catalog, Booklet, Business, Announcement envelopes and more.

Please keep in mind that the capabilities for Digital versus Offset are different. To make your lives a little easier and just so you’re prepared, here’s the breakdown:


  • full bleed capable (with color wrap / over bleed from face to flap)
  • gradients are okay
  • solid colored backgrounds are okay


  • full bleed not recommended
  • gradients not recommended
  • solid colored backgrounds not recommended

Your mailing campaigns just got a whole lot easier! We are your one stop shop for all things print!

And stay tuned for variable data options on Digital Envelopes…it’s coming soon!