Do you provide Video Content for your users or customers?

If not, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to have your brand heard and seen.

Here are 5 reasons why embracing this form of media is a really good idea:

  1. It Brings a Humanness to Brands. Video brings a humanness to brands. It enables customers to connect with you on a more personal level, and connection generally leads to trust which, in turn, can have a profound impact on growth and sales.
  2. It’s Quickly Becoming Industry Standard. Businesses have embraced video as a central component to their marketing strategy. It has become an industry standard, so it’s a great way to stay current and keep up with your competitors. It’s an incredibly effective form of marketing, and businesses know this.
  3. It Helps you Build a Bigger Following. Video is one more piece of media that you can share with your audience via email and social media.
  4. You can quickly transmit large amounts of Information. There’s so much that you can do with a simple 30-second (or less) video that you can’t accomplish in a short ad, headline or eblast. Think about all of the imagery that you can pack into a video by editing, say, 2 second snippets together containing words (copy), animation, live action, photos and more. A well constructed video can provide an incredible narrative in a short time.
  5. Mobile Accessibility. Who doesn’t carry their mobile devices around at all times? We’re at the height of the digital age, and most of the people in the demographics we are targeting would never dream of leaving home without at least one handheld device. It’s safe to say that most of these folks view video on these mobile devices. It’s just one more touch point between you and your customers, and it happens to be an engaging one at that.

These 5 are only scratching the surface. Keep in mind that you don’t need a huge budget to start. We are here for those who don’t know where to start and for those who don’t know where to go.