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are normally made out of a 12 oz. material that can be used outdoor on gloss or indoors using matte. Materials can range from short term items like 8 mil poly up to a heavy 18 oz. material for heavy wind conditions.




is a special banner material that is filled with holes to reduce wind resistance. Mesh is used mainly for extremely large banners to also help reduce the weight. This material normally weighs 8 oz. and has a 50/50 hole to printed area ratio.


prints are made from a 20 oz. material designed to take the rigors of permanent outdoor signage that is lit from behind. Lighter versions and various materials are available to create lit menu boards and displays similar to those seen in airports.

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

is used when you are required to stick your graphics to a surface. The list of this type of material can be quite extensive. Adhesive vinyl is used for vehicles, floors, windows, walls, signs, menus and so much more. They can also be laminated with a clear film to create various luster and textures


This is the greatest final touch you can add to any room to give it the WOW factor you have always been looking for!


Corrugated plastic

is a lightweight, cost effective, extremely versatile substrate ideally suited for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses. It strength come from flutes that causes a slight detection of lines when looking at the material. Its surface is not affected by most oils, solvents or water, and cleans easily. It is available in thicknesses from 4mm to 10mm.


is a lightweight plastic product used primarily for indoor or temporary outdoor signage. This durable material is ideal for the customer seeking cost effective signage. Polystyrene is very similar to PVC and corrugated plastic. Polystyrene’s flexibility makes it ideal for curved surfaces. The most commonly used thicknesses for polystyrene is generally .020, .030 and .060 gauges (approximately 1/64″, 1/32″, and 1/16″). Thinner gauges are translucent and therefore are not recommended for double-sided signage.

Foam Board (Ultra)

Is well suited to trade show applications and many other indoor uses. Ultra board is lightweight yet sturdy and is made by adhering two sheets of polystyrene to both sides of a foam core allowing it to be easily cut and customized. It is very rigid, weight bearing, flat, and available in white or black and in thicknesses from 3/16″ to 1″. Ultra Board is much more dent resistant and specifically, more rigid, than standard paper faced foam core.


is an extremely versatile plastic substrate with a glossy finish available in many colors. It is the perfect product for achieving a sophisticated, high-tech look. Its versatility allows you to design boxes, holders for brochures or a sign and easel all in one. Thicknesses range from 1/8″ to 3/4″

Wood and Composite Materials:

There are occasions when wood or any one of several other composite materials is the appropriate substrate to use for your outdoor signage needs. There are a number of different materials that can fill these requirements. Medium Density Overlay Plywood (MDO), Alumalite(R), Omega(R) board, DiBond(R) to name a few. All are durable and versatile, materials designed for a wide variety of outdoor uses including Site Signs, Directional Signs, and Identification Signs.


pvc signsPVC

is also known as Foam PVC. It projects a high-quality and professional image for your business or event. Medium-weight and durable, expanded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is easily installed and transported. Its matte finish hides fingerprints and is easily cut into shapes, allowing for custom applications. It is available in thickness from 1MM to 13MM.


is a lightweight metal product designed primarily for either short or long-term outdoor use. Durable, with a baked enamel finish, aluminum is weather and rust resistant. Although aluminum is lightweight, it is one of the most rugged and sturdy sign materials available. The stocked thicknesses are commonly .040 gauge, but is also available in .063 and .080 gauges. The standard thickness used for safety and ID signage is .080.

Double Sided

material contains a special black opaque material sandwiched in between two printable surfaces. This opaque layer prevents an image printed on one side from being see through on the other side (ghosting). Two main materials are an 18 oz. material for outdoor use on poles and over street banners. The 13 oz. version is smooth with no scrim and is great for indoor use. are the most missed advertising location in most retail stores. Using our wide variety of materials graphics can be installed on any floor inside and out. We can even print your floor message directly to carpet and mats. Do not miss the opportunity to put your message on the sidewalk, entry way, and aisles of your business.



Clings are great for window displays. From small stickers to large window displays these are a great way to display your message. With our ability to print white ink, these items can be reverse printed and installed on the inside of window to prevent damage from weather or vandals.


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