Wall Calendars

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Poster Calendars

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Card Calendars

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[tab title=”Overview”]We offer three calendars types for business marketing needs all year round: Wall Calendars, Poster Calendars and Card Calendars. You may be familiar with wall calendars as they are the kind used by most; they display one month at a time. Wall Calendars are made of multiple pages bound together using wire-o or saddle stitch binding. They usually have a photo or image above the calendar days to increase its appeal. Card calendars and poster calendars display an entire year on a single sheet of paper or cardstock. We offer them in standard postcard and poster size, respectively.[/tab]
[tab title=”Turnaround”]Our card calendars and poster calendars require 3-5 business days for printing while wall calendars require 5-7 days. A great way for you to save costs when ordering calendars is to order by the bulk. To avoid rush fees, you can also try designing and printing your calendars ahead of time.[/tab]
[tab title=”Application”]Help your customers start the year right. Give them design calendars! Design calendars are perfect for individuals or business owners who want to promote. Calendars contain a yearly event list, making them great materials to place your brand. Poster and wall calendars are usually given out by business owners just before the New Year begins. Card calendars are ordered in large quantities and sent out to a mailing list. Aside from the months and days, you can insert images and layouts to make them even more attractive.[/tab]

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